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How do I get started in the modeling industry?
The best way to get started is to register with And its completely FREE.

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Then, send us by separate email, 5 professional photographs of yourself; we insist: these photos have to be professional as they will be "your face" to the world!

What type of modeling opportunities are there?
There are different categories of modeling opportunities and one of them may be just right for you. They include:

Commercial - lots of different types if you're confident in front of a TV camera.
- Commercial/Print - lifestyle modeling.
- Runway - fashion shows, very thin models.
- Fashion/Catalog - tall, thin models 5'9" to 5'11".
- Editorial Magazine - unique look, size 4 - 6.
- Beauty - beautiful face and skin.
- Fit - try on clothes for runway models to ensure that the clothes are the right fit.

What questions should I ask when I interview an agency?
- How does your agency promote a new model's career?
- Does your agency pay for a new model's portfolio and composite card?
- What kind of contract would I have to sign to be represented by your agency?
- What percent commission does your agency take?
- What other expenses do you charge your models for (i.e., fed ex charges, courier services, beeper, etc.)?
- How often do you pay your models?
- What type of clientele do you have?
- Do you work with agencies in other markets?

Do I need to attend a modeling or finishing school?
Absolutely not. You may wish to attend a modeling or finishing school to learn proper etiquette and polish up your already graceful walk.

How do you choose a photographer to shoot your portfolio pictures?
Only have your picture taken by a photographer that your agency and other models recommend. Your agency will provide you with a list of photographers and prices for portfolio photos based upon the types of photos they believe your book needs.

How long can a modeling career last?
The length of a model's career depends upon how well the model takes care of his/herself. There are different agencies that represent all age levels including babies to middle age.

How do I prepare for a casting?
Ask your agency what you should wear. Sometimes the client request the models appear wearing a type of outfit, other times they will have clothes for you to try on. Look presentable, but not overdressed. Bring your portfolio and composite cards. Most importantly, be yourself.

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